Documentary sessions take place in your natural environment, typically your home or a special place you or your family like to visit or spend their time.  Think "normal routine" or "shore house vacation"!  We won't often recommend a location, simply because these sessions are meant to document your life just as it is, having all the (very important) little moments captured with very minimal staging or direction.  Documentary sessions lend itself to more candid, storytelling images.  Whether it be mom and dad caring for their new baby in their new home, a toddler waking up with bead-head and having breakfast before he plays with his favorite toys, or spending the day at the boardwalk, great adventure or your shore home...these sessions are real life.  A time you will remember and talk about for years to come.  A travel fee may apply depending on the location(s).

DOCUMENTARY SESSIONS BEGIN AT $400 FOR A 2 HOUR SESSION in your home or on location AND Come with 4 signature Portraits, their print release and digital download and 4 fine art prints.  CONTACT US TO GO OVER YOUR IDEAS!