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The Storytelling

Why do couples document their wedding days with photography? What is the goal. Just to remember what happened on that day? We believe that your wedding day is such an important day. The families that join together on that day will be forever linked. The partner that you choose to marry will be in every chapter of the rest of your story. And we want to be there to help you tell it.

A photograph is just a photograph until you capture the feeling and atmosphere of that moment. We don't just want to document who was there and what happened, but the emotions that your loved ones will feel on your big day. Your story is unique and we would love to help you tell it to the world.

What to Expect

Every Client is so unique. So please reach out to me to give me the opportunity to create a customized quote designed around your ideal wedding day coverage.



Deciding how much coverage you need...

  • Think about the story you want to tell. What parts of the day do you want featured as a part of that story? Many popular options include
    • Before the ceremony: the venue before guests arrive, details, rings, bride getting ready, groom getting ready, hair and makeup, the first look, a special gift and/or letter,
    • Portraits: posed bridal portraits, posed couples portraits, posed portraits of just the bride, posed portraits of just the groom, family portraits, extended family portrait,
    • Ceremony: the venue before guests arrive, details, live event coverage, receiving line,
    • Reception: the venue before guests arrive, details, entrances, tables, toasts, cutting the cake, First dances, Bouquet toss, Garter toss, other special ceremonies. Sunset portrait.
    • Into the night: Party images of guests dancing, Special Night time portraits, couples big exit at the end of the night.


Now that you know what you want covered start a roughed out timeline. This will give both you and your photographer an idea of how many hours you would need. Don't forget to plan time for portraits! If you want an emphasis on creative variety please be generous with this time.

  • Think about how you would most like to enjoy the images from your day after your wedding day is over. Many couples choose to add on photo books or an heirloom album to help them really showcase their images and remember their day. All packages are designed to come with a print release. But a large wall portrait might just make your remembering your day extra special.
  • One or Two? So you find yourself asking how many photographers do I need? Since there are 2 of you, I always recommend 2. There are so many things going on during your day and 2 photographers means that one can be with you for all your special moments and one can be with him for all of his.

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Please consider how many hours of coverage you need and if you would like a really nice album or a huge piece for your wall.