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New born Safety

Do not make the mistake of hiring a photographer to photograph your new baby without first making sure they are experienced and trained in techniques that ensure the safety of your new born. Medical history should be discussed in advance to ensure that all precautions will be taken.

Nicole Hollenkamp Guarantees that all necessary safety measures will be taken when handling your little one(s).

Nicole is Trained and Certified in Safety Practices Through TAOPAN's Belly Baby and Beyond Classes.

Experience in Handling and Soothing Newborns since 2009.

Photographing Newborns since 2013.

Loves Creating Striking Images of Newborns and has a studio ready to create something amazing with you!



There are some really amazing imagery out on the internet. Sometimes, in order to create images like that it is necessary to digitally manipulate images. This is called compositing. Your photographer should never leave your baby hanging or dangling by themselves from anything. Ever! The poses of baby sitting up or holding their heads up should be composited. Baby should never be left without support holding or touching the baby.