Newborn and Portrait Photography



Newborn and Portrait Photography

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Tell your story with beautiful photography.

What to expect from our wedding services

Your love story is unique so is what we do…

We love helping clients tell their love story. We typically take inspiration from your theme, the season, and any special requests that you have when planning your photography. Here is a little bit about what to expect


  1. When you reach out we will try to get to know you both a little bit. Be prepared to get together in person or via video conference. We want to know all about you, your love story and the special day you are planning.

  2. We will help you think through the first draft of a timeline. We want your day to go smoothly. We want you to enjoy every moment. So we will help you plan time for portraits as well as time to just take to yourselves throughout your day.

  3. Once we know what your day is going to likely look like we will create a custom package for you to help make sure that you will get the photos that you want.

We provide so many amazing services to our clients and We would love to tell you more about what do throughout the process. Reach out and we can share what to expect…





Wedding Collections

We accept a limited number of bookings each month. Please book your wedding date early. Booking 2019 & 2020 weddings now!

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Would you like us to create a custom wedding photography package just for you?

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Portrait Sessions

We schedule a limited number of sessions each month. Due to this we highly recommend reaching out ahead of time to schedule services. We cannot guarantee availability to last minute inquiries.

Expecting? Book your November, December, January and February Maternity/Newborn Sessions now.

It is our honor and privilege to create these important portraits for you. We are going to do everything we can to ensure that you love your experience with us and your portraits afterward.


Before During and After your custom session.

Once you are officially booked for your time and date this is what you can expect from us.


We provide planning consultations to help us create an experience that you will love. We also provide styling guidance where we can help you choose a color palette and even help you with your final outfit choices. Then we come out on location before your session and find the best location & really take a look at what the light is doing so that we are fully prepared on your session date.


Then on your session date we are going to do everything we can to make sure your portraits are amazing. That means taking our time to make sure you and your loved ones look their best and to get that precious little smile out of your youngest.


Shortly after your session you will see one or two of your images posted as a sneak peek on Facebook and/or Instagram so be sure to follow us there. You are encouraged to share the post, tag yourselves and your friends and family so that they see. You are welcome to make the photo your profile pic as well. You are not allowed to edit the photos in any way, whether by adding a filter, text, removing my watermark, or any other form of digital manipulation.


Then after your session we go through the images we captured one by one and select only the best images from your session. Then we hand edit each of them to perfect the color tone and contrast. We might have you do what is called a soft proofing. Where you will choose your favorites for us to edit further. When we fully edit your portraits the highest level of attention is payed to each image. We remove distractions so that we deliver to you images that we are sure you will absolutely love.


Once your portraits are complete we will set up a time for you to come in and see them. It is at this appointment that you will make your selections and place an order


When a client purchases a digital session they are getting a reduced rate. We reduce this rate because the photographer is the one choosing the final images. You will receive a link to an online viewing and ordering gallery with your included images inside. This gallery will offer you the opportunity to download your images and it will help you purchase any of our fine art keepsakes. We will mail you a print release.


Newborn Portrait Sessions


General Session Fees pay for the time and talent of the photographer and the staff only. They do not include any digital portraits or prints.

General Session Fees pay for the time and talent of the photographer and the staff only. They do not include any digital portraits or prints.

Child and Family Sessions

Digital Session Fees

Digital Session Fees include the time and talent of the photographer and a selection of edited digital images as listed in the description.

Digital Session Fees include the time and talent of the photographer and a selection of edited digital images as listed in the description.

Would you like help deciding what kind of session package would be best for you?


Custom Portrait Session & Fine Art Pricing

We offer a full service boutique studio experience. Creating a select quantity of amazing, meaningful and emotive images is far more important to us than giving you a huge number of random images that you will never use.

Prices can change without notice. If you would like to lock in these rates please contact us today. -thank-you!

Would you like us to provide you with a customized service package?

Click on the box below and we will do our best to take care of your needs.


Before you go…

Maternity Photography

Creating the experience…

The packages you see here work for many people. However if you are looking for something a little different please let us know and we will customize your package to suit your needs perfectly.

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Taking time to consider…

Let’s find a time to talk about your needs and create a vision for your portraits.

Newborn and Portrait Photography