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As Professionals we promise...

  • We will always communicate. If you have a question we will answer it as soon as possible during business hours.

  • We will be there! When we take on a booking we try to show up 30 minutes early to get our gear ready. This helps us start on time. Photography will start as scheduled via your booking.

  • We will try to be polite and courteous to your guests. While we request that guests not take photos of our set ups and try not to get in our way during any part of the day. We will be kind and patient with them. At the same time, unless you have designated someone as in charge to us we are unable to take specific instructions from a guest(non-contracted party) if the instructions go against previously established details.

  • We will carry extra gear to ensure that the photography will not be sidetracked by a piece of equipment that decides not to work.

  • We will provide you with a sneak peek after your wedding so you can enjoy your photography right away.

  • We will provide you with an in person viewing and design appointment 6-8 weeks after your wedding where you will get to enjoy your final images.

  • We will provide you with a download of your included digital images very soon after your viewing appointment.

  • We will create at least 50 gorgeous images for every hour we are hired to be at your event.

Wedding, Engagement and Portrait Photography


How to select a Professional

We know that you have probably never hired a wedding photographer before.

As wedding professionals we have seen our share of weddings. We know how to help you avoid a bad experience.

When interviewing photographers consider the following:


  • Do you like their imagery? This one may sound like a no brainier. But different photographers create images in different ways. From the way they compose an image to how they use light. Even how they capture emotion. A great photographer will do more than create a pretty picture. They will capture the feeling of every moment.

  • Are they consistent? The images in their portfolio should make you feel confident that they can reproduce the kind of imagery you want them to. Don’t make a decision based on a few of their best photos. Ask your photographer to see examples of full wedding galleries.

  • Do they have great reviews and happy clients? Do not go by Facebook alone. Google search their business name. We have many on our Facebook page as well as google, thumbtack, wedding wire. 5 star reviews & happy clients.

  • How long have they been a primary photographer for weddings? A sure way to gamble with your wedding photography is to hire someone who has little to no wedding experience. We have been the lead photographer at weddings since 2013.

  • Do they care about your vision? A good photographer will ask you about what you are looking for. They will not focus on offering you prices so cheap that you cannot refuse. They will look for the details, perhaps even going to far as offering you a customized wedding package.

  • Are they responsive? The amount of attention and responsiveness the photographer gives you before booking is a reflection of what to expect after you book. We make every effort to be available to you when you need to ask a question or want to get together to discuss your big day.

  • Will they help you plan your day? Some photographers take your money, show up on the wedding day, and deliver the final images afterward. They don’t really offer you any value besides the photographs they create. Besides our personal planning assistance we also offer our wedding weekend survival guide for free. This guide will help you get everyone on the same page and make your wedding day a huge success. Our experience with weddings helps us prepare you for the unexpected.

  • Do they offer products? Photographers with experience selling product tend to have a better grasp on creating imagery that prints well. Photographers that have never personally printed their professional work do not necessarily know the effects of screen calibration, camera calibration, color and exposure on the final image. We offer many heirloom photography display options and can help you with almost any special project.

  • How long will it take to see the images from your big day afterward? Busy photographers that edit your wedding themselves will take 2-3 months to turn around a final product. We recommend trying to avoid photographers that take 4-6 months to show you your images for the first time. Our studio guarantees that your images will be ready 6-8 weeks after your wedding day.

  • Do they photograph your wedding themselves? Many all in one photography companies do not provide you with a way to contact the photographer before your wedding day. The photographer is essentially their employee and all of the communication happens through them. Nicole plans and photographs every wedding herself.

  • Payment plans - There are lots of ways that photographers might have you pay for your wedding coverage. We offer automated payment plans that make paying for your package easier & can actually help you get more of what you want.

Wedding, Engagement and Portrait Photography


About us

We take on a limited number of weddings each year to ensure you get our undivided attention and the highest level of quality and service possible. We understand this is YOUR show.  And let's not sugar coat it; it goes by way too fast to miss any of it!  That's why we offer a detailed timeline of your day to make sure you get the most out of your Wedding Experience! 

We personally create each image with you in mind from start to finish, and we design your albums in-house so there is no waiting for months to have your photos.  Our priority is to maintain the highest level of satisfaction when it comes to; communication, attention to detail, variety in poses, angles and style, and a large selection of photo-journalistic images documenting not only the very important moments, but the moments in between moments that often get overlooked.

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Wedding, Engagements and Portrait Photography