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We believe that every client is unique and deserves to be treated that way.

It is for this reason that we no longer have pre-established packages or session fees. Our clients love that we really take a good look at what they want from their sessions and create a quote for them based on what they are really looking for. That way you can know before you book exactly how much you will be investing into your portraits.

My aim is not to compete based on pricing but to really do everything I can to serve your portrait needs better than anyone else. 

The Real Value: You should know what you are getting when you hire my studio. I strive to offer my clients an amazing experience that ends in beautiful portraits that leave you feeling amazing. I do a number of things to ensure this for each client. We will pre-plan your session goals and choose an appropriate location. I or my assistant will go out to the location ahead of time to ensure that we have awesome backgrounds and beautiful light. My assistant is available to help you plan your outfits, if you need help. We will do our best to help pose your family in beautiful ways. Our low stress methods will help your family express beautiful emotions, which is actually the most important part of a portrait. We will even retouch any distractions at no cost. I want you to fall in love with them when you see them and not just think to yourself, oh, that's good enough. I even offer a full line of heirloom display and storage items so that your beautiful portraits will last the test of time.


You can expect...

...your booking proposal to be customized to include the services and products that are important to you. be provided with a professional customized experience.

...Nicole to return your messages and phone calls promptly.

...unique and beautifully crafted portraits in just 3-4 weeks or less.

...heirloom display items that you can pass down for generations.

...that this is one investment that you will NEVER regret.


 You will be asked what you are comfortable with spending and offered a customized booking proposal that includes what is important to you.

Explaination of available Services

To start your own customized quote please reach out to us at 763.244.0387 or or simply fill out and submit the questionnaire at the bottom of this page or click the button below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Flexible Scheduling - we take on a limited number of sessions and weddings to ensure that all of our clients receive an amazing experience and a shorter wait time on their final portraits.
  • Weekday Savings - our weekday time-slots are offered at a lower rate as evenings and weekends always fill up first and because I appreciate that you have taken the time off of work or taken your children out of school for the day to get your family portraits done.
  • Customized Session Experience - you can choose to have your session in studio or we can go out to one of my locations or another location that is special to you.
  • Product and Planning Consultation - we offer a large range of heirloom display pieces. You can come out to see them in person and start to get a feel for what you will do with your portraits. This also helps us know what kind of imagery to capture for you and what exactly you would like to do during your session.
  • Hair and Makeup - We have wonderfully talented hair and makeup artists that we recommend. You can reach out to them and see if any are available on your session date or we can reach out to them for you.
  • Outfit Coaching - We are happy to help discuss color pallet and styling to help ensure that you love your portraits. You can even bring your outfits in and we can mix and match items to make sure that you look stylish and beautiful.
  • Time - our session quotes will include anything from 20 minutes to 4 hours depending on your need. The less time you need to reserve the more you can save on your Nicole Hollenkamp Photography custom portraits.
  • Locations - depending on what you would like to do we can have your session literally anywhere. Locations like Munsinger Gardens require you to purchase a permit to have your professional photography on site. Please be sure to contact any locations ahead of time so that you might purchase a permit. We always welcome new locations and are happy to travel, however if you have a priority to save your pennies then we would recommend you select a location that is closer to Milaca MN. 
  • Number of People - we do not limit the number of people you have at your session. We do charge per person so please let us know how many people you will have at the session.
  • Extended Family - we can create a session that gives each family a segment of time to create special portraits of their subgroup. This requires a larger time block.
  • Unique and Gorgeous Portraits - Images are always carefully curated by hand to ensure that the final portraits meet the highest standards.
  • Print Release - Your package can be designed to include a certain number of digital files or the whole gallery. This way you may select your favorites or own all the final images from your session. You can upgrade to a full gallery at anytime.
  • In Person Viewing - My computer screen is calibrated to match the prints and products from my lab. If you have purchased a limited number of images or none in advance then you will be invited to view them in person for the first time to ensure you are most satisfied.
  • Online Viewing - this is an appointment that happens via video chat. This way you can enjoy viewing the images from the comfort of your home while still having your photographer available to ask questions or give you help with your gallery. This service is only available to clients who purchase the print release to their full session ahead of time.
  • In Home Art and Design consultation - We can help you find the most beautiful ways to display your new Nicole Hollenkamp Photography portraits in your home. We will come out and measure and customize to make sure your portraits will be arranged beautifully.
  • Installation & Delivery Appointment - Once again when your portraits are ready, if you like, we can come out to your home and install your portraits for you.
  • Consistent and Quick - We aim to have your portraits ready as early as 2 weeks after your session. Sometimes we do get a bit busier so we guarantee that the images from your session should be ready for viewing in 3-4 weeks.
  • Multiple Sessions  - If you would like to book a maternity session and newborn session your package can be customized to include both. We even offer grow with me packages that can help you reach your portrait goals into the future.

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If you have any questions or experience usability issues with this contact form please reach out to me via phone or email or simply click the leave a message box in the bottom of this window. Thank you! -Nicole 763.244.0387