Cancellation Policy

  • If THE CLIENTs no longer require nor desire the photography services of Nicole Hollenkamp Photography on their shoot_date they will be required to sign our cancellation agreement to fully release PHOTOGRAPHER from all obligations set forth in the prior agreement.

  • Then THE CLIENTs are released from any further obligations to make payments as previously agreed.

  • ALL PAYMENTS previously made by CLIENTs to PHOTOGRAPHER are liquidated damages, non-refundable and/or non-transferable as previously agreed to by both parties.

  • A PARTIAL REFUND MAY BE granted at the sole discretion of PHOTOGRAPHER should PHOTOGRAPHER re-book the date for which the CLIENT originally retained the services of PHOTOGRAPHER.

Studio Policies

  • The PHOTOGRAPHER will do all that she can before during and after the session to ensure that the creation of the portraits are handled professionally and efficiently.

  • Portrait Sessions that have an unanswered pre-session questionnaire may result in missed expectations as these were not established before the session.

  • The PHOTOGRAPHER can not be held liable for a lack of cooperation of any individuals that are supposed to be in the photographs.

  • Any guidelines you clearly present to me that are priorities for you I will do my best to follow, however I cannot guarantee that no deviation will occur.

  • Personal requests for the style, posing or editing of the photographs is welcome however ultimately the editing of the resulting photographs is solely up to the PHOTOGRAPHER’S discretion. This is to ensure that the resulting images from your session are consistent with the quality and look of the rest of my portfolio.

  • In order to maintain efficient turnaround and high standards of photographic excellence your final gallery will not include every variation that we tried during your session.

  • If your gallery includes more photographs that was included in your package the price for the full gallery will be more to reflect the additional time and costs associated with offering extra images.

  • Specific requests for slimming, wrinkle and blemish removal or digital manipulation(photoshop) and specific editing styles will be an extra charge.

  • If the background of your photographs is bright the resulting images will have a bright area in the background.

  • The PHOTOGRAPHER does regularly try new things so it is possible for a photograph in your final gallery to not match expectations created by viewing the images on our website.

  • Any genre of photography should be consistent with images from that SAME genre on my website. I E: extended family sessions will not look like my newborn or maternity portfolios.

  • EXTENDED Family Sessions: Working with a large group of people over a designated amount of time may result in formal portraits only.