Use our styling services

If you are on this page it is likely because you want new portraits but you are not confident in choosing the clothing, hair or makeup for your session. This is a common problem that many of my clients face. That is why I offer Outfit Styling services.

There are really 2 or 3 main ways to take advantage of this service. For sessions that are more than 1 hour long I recommend you put together 2-3 outfits.

  • OUTFIT STYLING ASSISTANCE(complimentary service)
    • We help you choose a color pallet that works for you. Then you take those colors and create outfits that coordinate. You would then send photos of those outfits to us for feedback.
  • OUTFIT STYLING(add on)
    • We help you choose a color pallet.Then we come to you. We will help you assemble the outfits from items you have at home.
  • SHOPPING DAY(add on)
    • We decide on a color pallet. Then we set up a day to go shopping at your favorite stores(thrift stores are OK too) We help you find the items that you can use during your session. You can try things on so that you can feel confident that what you are wearing for your session makes you look awesome/amazing.

No matter what level of service you need we are happy to accommodate. We will do everything you need us to to help your portrait experience go smoothly. 

Hire an Outside Style Service

What does a style service do?

Help with clothing selections of course. These guys will actually go shopping for you. Please contact them if you feel you need extra help planning your wardrobe and remember the more time and money you invest in looking your absolute best, the more you will love your portraits!

Styling Services in the area