Try Our Gowns

We have an ever growing collection of gorgeous Maternity dresses as seen above. Different colors and designs are available to suit your need or match your family. We encourage our moms to utilize these gowns for their sessions as they photograph so beautifully.

Plan Your Outfits

If you would rather use conventional clothing that is OK too. Then you will  need to plan your outfit. For your maternity session, you first need to decide if you want to show your belly in any of the photos.  You can't really wear a long dress and expect to pull it up during the session, so keep that in mind.  Avoid anything too loose around your belly, you'll want to make sure to show your size and shape as that's the point of the photos, right?  Something tight fitting, like a tight top and long flowing skirt or even jeans.  Avoid large distracting logos if they have nothing to do with the baby or being  

Try things on, make sure you feel good wearing it and have fun!

Check out our Pinterest board for inspiration

If you are having trouble finding something, keep in mind that not only do bandeau bras work perfectly when you want to show your belly (paired with pretty much anything on the bottom), but we also have some wraps that we could use for your top (just let us know if want those ahead of time so we can plan accordingly).  If you are incorporating family into your photos, I always say to pick your outfit first, and build off of that.  Not everybody has to be in the same color, but keep it in the same color family (all neutrals, all pastels, bold, etc.).  Outfit changes are always encouraged!